Benvenuto!  Hello friends & internet world!  If you came upon this blog through the link I sent – THANKS!  I appreciate you taking interest in my travels/thoughts/food obsessions.  If that’s not how you got here, let’s be friends!

My master plan is to first write about my experiences in Italy, including but certainly not limited to:  WWOOFing, eating, transportation, sight-seeing, and drinking.  The drinking part sounds bad when I read it out-loud, but I’m working on vineyards.  What do you expect?!  There should also be pictures, and stories, and lists of what not to do.  And most importantly, this is my way of keeping in touch with friends and family.

Here is my basic itinerary:

September 11:  Flight from Philadelphia to Milan, via London.

September 12:  Make my way from Milan to Quargnento via Alessandria.

September 12 -22:  Volunteer on a small vineyard in Quargnento.

September 24:  Take the train back to Milan to meet Michael, who will be volunteering with me at the next vineyard.  Spend the day/night in Milan sight-seeing and eating gelato.

September 25:  Take the train to Asti and catch a bus from Asti to Canale.

September 25 – October 22:  Volunteer at a medium scale vineyard in Canale, outside a more urban area known as Cuneo.  (I have secret hopes to travel to France for a bit.  I guess now it’s not a secret.  Maybe two days or an overnight trip spending 24 hours in Nice.  There is a train that goes directly from Cuneo to Nice and it is only 3 hours!  That’s like, the time it takes to drive from my town in New Jersey to Bethesda!)  Michael will only be volunteering with me until October 4, so unfortunately, he probably won’t be in on the trip to Nice.  I’m especially excited for this vineyard as they’ve won several Slow Food awards and I was fortunate enough to volunteer with the Slow Food DC chapter for a short amount of time.  Quick shout-out to Patrick and Bud!

October 23:  Travel to Urbino.

October 24 – November  6:  Volunteer at my third and final location, an olive grove/fruit orchard outside of a small village, Mondaino, 25 km from Urbino and 25 km from the coast.

November 6 – November 22:  Who knows!  I have several options here:

-Visit my lovely friend Kelly in Bologna!

-Madre might fly over for a week during this period.  Since I have a little over two weeks I could probably visit Bologna/Kelly AND spend a week with my Mom exploring Ravenna, San Marino, etc.

-Sight-see in Milan with Shmosh.

-Find “need volunteers” locations when the list gets sent out at the beginning of November and volunteer for another week.  I think I would only do this if there were opportunities in cheese-making and bee-keeping.

For now, that is all.  I’ll be posting a few more time before I leave the good ‘ole U.S. of A.  I hope many of you continue to visit me throughout my trip.  I’ll be posting as much as possible, but you know how the internet is abroad ;).




6 thoughts on “Benvenuto!

  1. No I don’t know how the internet is abroad, thanks for reminding me! I hope you post a lot so I can see what you’re up to! Have fun and be safe!

  2. Great blog!! I see your writings and am jealous but happy. Your excitement is easy to feel in your words. Thanks for the itinerary and ramblings. I am looking forward for the next blog so much that I need a sleeping pill to get to tomorrow. What fun you’re having!! Love you–su padre largo

  3. Honey- we have been following you on your travels and have seen and heard so much joy and contentment through your photos and eloquent descriptions of the food, plants and people. We have been thrilled for you and amazed by you. Many thanks for your postcard. It was sweet of you to send us an old fashion post card. We could envision you at the outdoor cafe. It meant a lot to us. Michael is totally missing you. I’ve never seen him like this ! All this longing and missing you ! Be well and enjoy your mom love,laurie

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