Day two: The jet lag finally hits…

The following is a summary of my lunch today, in photos:

Just kidding, this was more like dessert.  I didn’t think to take photos of the main meal.

Since I’m so exhausted, I’m just going to make a list of today’s events:

1. I’m sore.  And not so much in the arms as I thought I would be.  Nope nope nope.  The sorest part of my body is my bum.  (bum, because it’s british slang and makes it seem more charming).  When I think back to yesterday, it dawns on me that I was averaging about twenty squats at each hazelnut bush.  I don’t even need to add it all up, because the soreness outranks any numerical system.

2. I had a fresh fig (or four) for the first time in my life-the weird purple-y fruits in the first and second photo.  I knew I loved dried figs, and fig cakes, and fig spreads, but never pondered about fresh figs.  These figs were right off of the tree in the yard.  Wow.  I need a fig tree in my life.  Little Giovanni (the owners son) only eats the figs that are green.  So far I can’t tell the difference in taste and I think it may be all about the color.  Is it more manly to eat green things as opposed to purple?  He probably doesn’t care about manliness-he’s barely three.

3. While gathering hazelnuts, I noticed that they look suspiciously like acorns.  Why don’t we eat acorns?  Or a chocolate-acorn spread?  Or delicious candies sprinkled with ground up acorn.  Can we eat acorns?  Has anyone out there taken one of those survivor courses?  You know, the one where they’ve taught you how to prepare your urine so you can drink it in emergencies?  They also teach you what you can and cannot eat in the woods.  I might google this when I have a bit of energy.  I want to know if and how you eat acorns.

4. I have honed my ability to tell which hazelnut shells are empty and which have a delicious little nugget inside.  This may not seem like an important skill to have, but 2012’s coming up and with that impending apocalypse it might be key to survival.  Think of me, cracking open shells with actual nuts inside while other waste their precious energies on empty shells.  Survival of the fittest, eh?

5.  Jessica (another volunteer from Germany/Belgium) made this awesome plum cake (third picture) for her last night here.  The bottom is tightly packed streusel and the top more crumbly streusel.  The middle layer is some type of pudding, but not nearly as soft as our jell-o brand, and then on top there are plum slices.  Nom nom nom.

6. I’m going to bed.




8 thoughts on “Day two: The jet lag finally hits…

  1. You made me laugh 🙂 The one thing I can tell you, and anyone else reading this, is that my 3rd grade experiment with acorns (which I obviously survived) left a strong taste in mouth which I can only describe as a tangy fusion of grass and cheap cologne (having had tasted all of the above). If my memory serves me right, some were quite more bitter than others… Yes, I had to try more than one to fully comprehend the complexity of the taste. We had a couple of huge yards full of all sorts of trees (and by consequence many things for a 3rd grader to taste). But I’m not sure today’s elementary schools provide such fun discoveries because back in the day, we’d think of it the world’s greatest adventure when we fell off a tree and went home with scrapes, cuts, or a couple of stitches; and nobody went to jail for failing to control tens of crazy gremlins climbing and crawling under all sorts of things.

  2. When do you get to guard the wine? I mean…someone has to look after the finished product… Just kidding! Well, not really, but you get my humor. Everything looks AMAZING and your writing is fabulous! I’m going to search for some Cascina Zerbetta on Friday and madre and I will pop open a bottle and toast to you! xoxo

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