Santa Margherita, Ligure

Wow.  It was so easy to get from Alessandria to Santa Margherita by train.  Italian people complain about their train system the same way we complain about our metro system, but to an outsider, it’s GLORIOUS.

On our way in, a random Nigerian man started telling us a story about his girlfriend going clubbing the night before and how he was so ‘peeeeesed’ because she forgot where she left her car that night and couldn’t drop him off at the train station.  Needless to say, I will ABSOLUTELY be triple checking before I cross any streets at night.

Santa Margherita is so beautiful and is more tourist-y (in the fact that actual tourists go there) than Alessandria.  And yes, Mom, it was definitely reminiscent of Sorrento 😀 You would love it.

We spent the day walking around town, lying on the beach, and eating.  Here are a few pictures:

View from the train station.  That’s mare ligure.

That gentleman is Christoper Columbus.

Fresh fruit market.

View from the walking path around the sea.

Same view but with me.  Some would say that I make this picture look good. 😉

I love how teeny tiny this car is!  I almost laid down on the ground for the picture to prove that with my arms outstretched, I am as long as the car.   But I figure it’s good for you to use your imagination.  Also, it’s good for Mom and Dad’s sanity :).

One of my favorite things to do is walk around grocery stores.  And that’s a favorite in America (ask Michael, he is always forced to drag me out of the aisles and to the check-out).  So when I saw a Co op I had to walk through and pick up some things.  I didn’t buy this cereal, but I found it important to share with you.  Yes, it’s cereal filled with chocolate hazelnut spread.  Take that, cocoa puffs.

Santa Margherita.

I had two snark issues:

1. I’ve noticed that Italian people smoke more than a forest fire.  How annoyed they must be when I walk by them and lift my shirt over my nose.  But really, do you need to be smoking a cigarette while riding your bicycle?  I wonder if they can subsist on oxygen at this point, or if it’s nicotine that their cells need to perform regular functions.  Really, I have never seen so many cigarettes in hand, it’s wild.  Rant over.

2. Most of the larger restaurants were packed full because there was a political meeting to discuss the euro issues.  I had to laugh at how similar this is to American politicians, who go to the most beautiful and expensive places to discuss the financial issues of our country.  To each their own, but really, it’s too funny.

I had my first gelato this trip!  Noccioletta, yum!  That was my mid-afternoon snack, and then for dinner I had sea bass with olive oil and capers.  I was, and still am, quite proud of my ability to wear my big girl pants and eat a fish served whole (head, tail, bones, skin).  Here is the photographic proof, for those of you that need it:

It started to rain around 10, so we rushed back to our hotel to call it a night.  It started thundering and raining as I fell asleep.  As the storm moved to the center of Santa Margherita, the thunder became uncomfortably loud.  I really have never heard thunder so loud.  I had all sorts of crazy dreams about being Yossarian in Bologna while bombs were going off.  Thanks, thunder, I really needed that.  Then around two, Crystal threw a better blanket on my bed since it had gotten chilly and I started and jumped out of bed.  I thought a monkey climbed through the balcony door (which was open) and was crawling on my legs.  What a weird night.

This morning I woke up and went for a run along the same path we had walked before.  It was really nice to run along the water.  I haven’t done that in a long time.  When we checked out, the hotel manager informed us that the train workers were on a strike, so it was possible that no trains would run until 9pm.  Yes.  For a moment, I was convinced we were stranded in Santa Margherita, and though it wouldn’t be the worst place to be stranded, we had no place for the night and I wanted the comfort of my warm and dry bed back at Cascina Zerbetta.

But it all worked out, as city-to-city trains were running every few hours.  We paid a few extra euros and arrived safe and sound around 4pm.

And now, that warm dry bed is beckoning me, especially since it just started raining cats and dogs.

I hope everyone had a great weekend,



4 thoughts on “Santa Margherita, Ligure

  1. Glad you had fun despite the weird night. The figs and the grapes look mouthwatering. I like the “no self service sign” on the stand. And yes, I absolutely agree with whoever said that you make the scene prettier 🙂

  2. !!! Scenery is gorgeous darling and so are you! Was that a moped/motorcycle I spy next to that uber tiny car? Were you riding it?!

    Glad you are having the most awesome experiences and making unforgetable memories. xoxo

  3. Sounds like so much fun. I have a story about a whole fish. Many years ago a girl from my office and I decided to go to Bermuda on a ship. The first nightout of NY we hit a bad storm which turned out to be a hurricane. I was feeling a little woozy and the call for breakfast came. We made it to the dining hall and sat down. This being an English ship they served whole fish for breakfast. That was the last time I was seen until we docked in Bermuda. I am glad that we had already made plans to fly backl to NY. Keep the blogs coming they are very enjoyable. Alice Deacon

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