I am at my next WWOOF spot and I am so very tired!  So I’m just going to add pictures and describe them:This is me standing at the top of the hill of the vines of Carossa vineyard in Cuneo/Canale Italia.

This is Pino, Arsenico, and me at the top of the hill of Carossa!  (Yes there is another dog, and yes, Arsenico translates to Arsenic.  I’ll explain this in a bit).

Those are the Alps in the background.  Pino told me all of the names, and it includes the Matterhorn, but I can’t quite remember what he said.

These caves were used by Italians to snipe German soldiers from the top of the hill, as troops were passing through.  Right now I’m reading For Whom the Bell Tolls, so even though it takes place in Espana and not Italy, this feels like more than a coincidence!

This is Arsenico.  He looks like a dog, but is actually a small horse.  His back feet are bigger than mine.  He is named after Arsenic, because Arsenic is deadly, and so is he when he wags his tails, or get close enough to your face to drown you in doggy (horse?) slobber/drool.

Ok, I’m completely worn out and must get some rest.  I’ll post more about what I’m doing here tomorrow 🙂

Buono Notte


6 thoughts on “Carossa

  1. Julianne…I’m getting suspicious of all these doggies that keep appearing on your journey.( and not small ones either) What’s going on!?! No don’t answer that. And no, I won’t dog sit- you won’t ever get ’em back!

  2. Interesting history and beautiful scenery this area has. That came out like a master Yoda sentence. Hopefully you’re planning on letting your groupies know about work and food there.

  3. hi! im so excited that i found this blog! i was there in pino’s house this summer too! im from taiwan:) nice to see these pictures:D! i miss Ars!

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