Pictures from Torino!





Palazzo Carignano, is a very important Baroque style building in Italy.  This picture is to show the dominance over the American Indians (Native Americans, I can never determine which term is pc) in some specific war which I think Canada was involved in.  It must have been in Canada.  Canada wasn’t involved in that many wars, eh?  Only involved unless it’s on their land, eh?  (I’m JOKING!  Yea yea).  Above each window of the first floor, there is a frieze of an AI or NA head-dress.  I could pick it out right away, but it might take some staring at or google-imaging non-iphone format to really see!



This building, Palazzo Carignano, is where the first parliament of Italy formed, as Torino was once the capital of Italy.  20110922-093838.jpg


3 thoughts on “Pictures from Torino!

  1. I’m sure vera was very sad she did not get to make the trip to Torino.
    Thats ok, just another reason to return- as if we ever need a reason to return to a place we love!


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