Tortilla, Espanol style in Italia

Final update for the day.  After spending four hours with machetes, hacking away at hazelnut trees, Pino requested we hop into the grocery store to pick up some beer and sprite.  Ok ok, there were other things he wanted us to get…pane (bread!), meat, milk, and canary fruit (named for its Tweety bird colored skin).  But the way he said, “Birra and sprite”, made me think he wanted both, and if we couldn’t find sprite, then we shouldn’t buy beer, and vice versa.  Turns out, even though I was only running on fumes from the few hazelnuts I smashed and gobbled around 4, I WAS RIGHT.  I know.  I was in a panic too..Pino fills his glass with half beer/half sprite.  And no, not just really bad tasting Italian beer (I’m just not a fan, sorry!).  Heineken too.  A certain someone I know would be sort of huffing and puffing at the idea (in a really lovely way) but really, it was delicious.  I’m not saying I’d drink it again (sprite is so sweet and syrupy) but after working all afternoon, breathing dust, and being absolutely parched, it made my mouth very happy!

Moving on. J and H, the WWOOFers from SanFran made dinner tonight, and it was the MOST DELICIOUS food.  H studied Spanish and lived in Spain for a stint, so he decided to make one of their Sunday dinner dishes – Tortilla.  No, this is not some white flat bread that is used for a burrito.  Yes, that is what I expected when I heard what we were having for dinner.  This is a Tortilla Espanola or Tortilla de patatas and it is eggs stuffed with fried-up potatoes (or sautéed), onions and whatever else you can stuff in it, cooked in a skillet.  You saute the onions and potatoes and then when they’re nice and tender, you dump eight scrambled eggs on top and let it simmer until it’s solid on the outside and mostly cooked through.  You also have to flip it like a pancake, while it’s cooking.  This is very important.  It could be called a frittata, but don’t do that, because it is insulting.  Luckily, when it was served I didn’t ask where the tortillas were.  Because THAT would have been embarrassing.  J made a really excellent salad to go with it, tender lettuce leaves, tomatoes, red onions, and an excellent dressing.  (I think she said it was basil paste, garlic paste, EVOO and balsamic v.)  Here’s a lovely picture (that is not quite in focus, rats) of them and their beautiful dinner.

I could write the recipe specifically, but it was said that the eight eggs are the vessel for what you want to eat.  Peppers, onions, potatoes (traditional), etc. etc.  It was perfect.  Also, you could google tortilla de patatas.  I know that J and H have a blog as well, so maybe I’ll get their link and have them post the recipe on their blog.  I’ll work on it 😉

I have pictures of the garden I helped plant, but the internet is not currently il mio amico.  Plus it’s way past bed time.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday night!

Buono notte,



4 thoughts on “Tortilla, Espanol style in Italia

  1. YUM! You really made me hungry describing that tortilla de patates. I’m definitely making it this weekend. I’ll probably abuse the eggs because I love omelettes although I hate eggs (if that makes any sense). Alia always makes fun of me and says that I like my eggs like cardboard, a stage well beyond well done.

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