Giardino Pino!


Tonight I’m making zuppa!  Pino’s children will be here and so J and I have started putting together our meal tonight.  It’s my first time cooking here!  Wait, no, I made tuna pasta salad yesterday and a swiss chard salad.  But this is my first real effort at feeding everyone.  I’ll provide pictures of it all later, but for now, here are the garden pictures!

Arsenico!  Posing in front of the neighbors house:

This is the house!  The white part with orange hazard fencing in front of it is the part that is being completely torn out and built into apartments.  The smaller white part on the left is the actual house we’re staying in.  Behind the house is the hazelnut orchard (only one of five):

This is a far away picture of the driveway leading to the garden.  There are several rows of lettuce, veggies, and such, with the tomatoes cutting the rows in half:

This is lettuce I planted with J, and fennel on the left that I planted ALL BY MYSELF!:

This is lettuce we planted and the tomatoes on the right.  Oh and some celery:Until later!



3 thoughts on “Giardino Pino!

  1. What is the soil like? From the pictures it appears to be on the sandy side. Is now the time to replant some of the veggies, like we do here. Cold weather crops like lettuce and broccoli and a few other veggies can get replanted now and take advantage of the cold weather that is on its way. How late does their growing season last?

    Miss green thumb!

    • It’s like clay. It’s wet underneath so when you hoe it a bunch and turn it into soft dirt, it’s a lot less dry. But the plants need to be watered every day. It’s really hot here in the day time – it’s only chilly in the morning and at night so I think veggies that can survive a bit of cool weather are fine. It’s so dry here though.

  2. It Is all well and good that we all know that you are an excellent cook, now when you invite guest to dinner they will expect to be served vedggies out of your own garden, that you planted and cared for. LOL

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