Wow!  It’s been a whirlwind here these past few days.  Friday evening I was making soup for dinner in per Coccia and next thing I know, I’m in Torino, then Milano to meet Michael, and then back to Torino!  Less than 48 hours after my soup extravaganza, I’m sitting in my same comfy bed, trying to upload my pictures from this weekend while I tell you about the soup!

I tried to make this soup Mer and I made once from my ‘Vegetarian Book’ which involves crushed tomatoes, cannellini beans, mirepoix, garlic, potatoes, etc.  My version here involved red onion, some weird white beans I’ve never seen before (they sort of resembled kidney beans, in their size and shape), pasta, carrots, tomatoes, etc.

First I sautéed some onions, garlic, carrots, and pancetta in a bit of olive oil and butter.  J added some overripe tomatoes, a whole onion sliced, 5 cloves of garlic, and a pepperoncini to a giant pot of water.  I threw in the sautéed mixture and we brought it to a boil.  Once the broth was bubbled down to about 3/4 its original size, I scooped out the giant chunks of tomatoes, onions, and garlic.  I peeled the garlic to get the nice mushy inside and used some sea salt to smooth it into a paste.  I added that paste back into the broth.  (I hate wasting garlic.  If it was my only defense between a vampire and myself, I would probably eat it before wearing it as a protective necklace.)

The chopped veggies for a fake mirepoix.

The chunky tomato base, before it was boiled down into tomato-y goodness.

The broth veggies went into the compost if they still had their skins, if not I mashed them and threw them back in the soup.  Many of the seasonings went in at this point.  Several pinches of sea salt, some black pepper, some pepperoncini powder and half of a hold ripe pepperoncini.  Then I added about two cups of pasta (little tiny noodles!) to the soup.  Once the pasta was cooked through, (al dente!) I added 1.5 cups of the white beans whole and half a cup of white bean paste (smoothed using sea salt and a 10″ knife).  I let it cook down a bit more and then added 1/4 cup of whole milk.  Stirred it a bit.  Tasted it a few (twenty) times.  And it was done!  Normally, I would use potatoes in place of the pasta (I think it’s better with potatoes) but after I chopped all of the potatoes up, Elsa told me she was going to make potato salad and asked if I could use something else.  Noodles it was, since rice soaks up too much broth.  But it was a pretty tasty alternative.

The completed zuppa!

In a bowl!

This is Elsa making her mom’s recipe of German potato salad.  It involves potatoes, gherkins, chicken sausage, parsley, and mayo.

Where we usually eat:

The tiramisu Elsa made, Italian style:
Elsa serving up the Tiramisu:I have Elsa’s recipe for Tiramisu, and will share it with you soon, but I must start uploading pictures from this weekend.  Trust me, once I put the recipe on here, there will be no way you can avoid making it.  It is SO EASY and SO delicious that really, I’d be doing all of your bums a favor by just eating the piece of paper it’s written on.  However, it is so easy that I remember it by heart, and if my bum suffers, so shall yours.  So. Shall. Yours. 🙂
Anyway, since I had chopped up the potatoes for my soup, before realizing Elsa needed them, I had chopped them without peeling them.  Not a big deal in my world.  Taking a perfectly tasty and edible potato skin off is something I would sniff my nose at.  However, after eating a spoonful of the potato salad, Pino started pulling the skins out of his mouth in something that seemed like disgust.  Apparently, in Italy, to not peel a potato for consumption is like not cracking an egg from its shell.  I think that comparison is totally ridiculous, but Pino says patate, I say potato.
It’s time to start on my Milano/Torino trip pictures.   Ayad and Kara, did you have time this weekend to make the tortilla?  (I love the burnt eggs, A, that’s hilarious and really makes a lot of sense to me, as I must roast my marshmallows to a crispy burnt sugar in order to enjoy them.  Different but similar.)
ALSO!  I’m expecting the link to J and H’s blog, where they are listing the recipes from their trip.  Hopefully I’ll do the same once I have more, but I have requested H’s recipe for tortilla to be posted for your viewing.  Soon soon soon!

2 thoughts on “Zuppa!!

  1. Tiramisu….easy tiramisu? That’s just dangerous Jewls…but utterly and completely awesome!! Can’t wait! (my bum bum can, but we won’t worry about that now)

    And yes! I made the tortilla! Kinda…sorta…..I think. All I had was onions, bacon and lots of cheese, so I just put that all in there. It was glorious. Oh and (sorta scared to post this on here considering everyone here cooks very well)…I had some ketchup on the side for dipping. I held back as best as I could when it came to the dipping, so I consider that a score.

  2. By the time your “voyage” comes to an end, I will have added a couple of inches to my not so slender figure, but keep bringing ’em on them recipes 😉

    According to the two-legged members of my household, the tortilla adventure was a yummy and successful one. Keeping in mind what you said you were told about the eggs being merely a “vessel”, my tortilla featured Ayad’s favorites: basil, dill, garlic, mince meat, nutmeg, and cloves. Another favorite which I sadly found dead in the fridge and couldn’t use was coriander. So I’m determined to have an encore with live coriander which will be lightly sauteed with crushed garlic and then added to the mix.

    Can’t wait fire the Tiramisu recipe. It happens to be my favorite dessert ever.


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