Caramelo de sale, the caramel of kings.

Wow wow wow.  I have been in Italia about 17 days and in those 17 days I have met SO MANY amazing, wonderful, beautiful people from all over the world.  I still have about 55 days of meeting new people and adventures which simply amazes me.  Life is so beautiful!

So a few quick notes about Milan and Torino that I’ve been too busy to mention.  Fashion week was just winding down in Milan which meant a lot of waif thin people running around in giant heels.  Seriously, I have never seen so many models in my entire life.  Also, and this may be a new trend that I am not privy to, but I saw a man walking around with a fluffy bunny rabbit.  Live.  In his arms.  With a glittery collar.  AND A LEASH. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!!  I did a triple take.  And then, in a complete lapse of self-restraint, I pointed at him, grabbed Michael’s arm and yelled, “That man has a bunny on leash!  THAT MAN has a BUNNY on a LEASH.  And it’s GLITTERY!”  Don’t get me wrong.  I love rabbits.  I’ve just never seen one on a leash.  It seemed way too fanciful to be real.

Torino was beautiful still.  I was able to see more of the city and several piazza’s that I hadn’t gotten to see the first night we went.

Now on to our other adventures.  Yesterday we continued working on the two giant doors.  Pino took us in the afternoon to a wood surgeon to see this beautiful oak tree made into lumber.  He knows SO MUCH about all sorts of things.  Anyway, it was really cool to see how lumber is made.  There is this machine that has a giant arm that pulls the tree along a saw, and the saw trims the bark off.  The arm flips the wood and pulls it through the saw again and again.  This results in a trimmed piece of lumber that is dropped on a bunch of rollers where it is moved to the next part in the process, or dropped off to be used later.  This might be sort of boring to read about, so I’ll try and end it there….

Last night Pino took us to Chiere, where he teaches high school kids about mountaineering.  We spent the evening walking around the town center looking in shop windows and eating the BEST gelato!  I had salted caramel gelato (caramelo de sale) which is way better than it sounds, and let’s be real, it sounds freaking amazing.  It is one of those Goetze’s caramel creams on steroids.  I’m talking the tour de france of caramel.  Smooth and creamy with that salty sweet perfection.  It was delicious and whenever possible I will eat the heart out of that gelato.  And brains.  Yikes.  The new WWOOFer, Rebi from Inghilterra, had peach gelato which was also very very yummy.

Then we went to Grado Plato (which translates to Degrees Plato – wiki it!) for a few microbrew birras.

Dear Italy, I’m so sorry for insulting your beers a few posts ago, if there’s one thing I’m good at, it is being able to admit when I’m wrong.  Sincerely, I was soooo wrong.  The beer I had at Grado Plato was everything I appreciate about fall birras in the states and more.  It’s name was Strada San Felice, it was a chestnut ale, and it was given fives stars by Slow Food for 2011.  (I’ve added a link to its description for all of you beer enthusiasts, you know who you are!)  We also had some amazing food:  pizza, foccace, and tagliare (a mix of meats and cheeses).

Michael with his birra!

Me, with the Strada San Felice.

Rebi with her Weizsentea (with japanese green tea in it)

The tagliare and focacce.

Pizza with artichokes, salami, funghi, and ham.

Pino joined us with some of his fellow teachers later in the evening and we had a time discussing the difference between snow skiing and snow boarding.  It wasn’t a pretty discussion for snow boarders, but that’s probably because all but one of us ski.

This morning we woke up bright and early to join the vendemmia (grape harvest) at Carossa.  I must write about this in a new post, otherwise, this will be the longest post ever!

For now,



2 thoughts on “Caramelo de sale, the caramel of kings.

  1. I can visualize the scene where, emboldened by having Michael around, you claimed seniority over Rebi (having arrived before her) and snatched that peach gelato right out of the poor Briton’s hands to get a taste.


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