The UN at Carossa

Today we helped with the vendemmia at Carossa! I had yet to harvest grapes, and Michael wasn’t expecting to at all, so it was all very exciting. We were harvesting the nebbiolo grapes for their Nebbiolo Langhe wine, which ages two years in the oak barrels.

So we showed up at Carossa, and Angelo, Rebi, Michael, the Albanians, and Take (a Japanese distributor from Milan, we had representation from six different countries in those vines!) trudged up the steep pathway to the vines with our nebbiolo grapes to start picking! We each had a set of clippers to quicken the process, but Angelo’s mother and her friend did it old school with just their fingers.

Here is a picture of the nebbiolo vineyard:

Rebi and Michael picking grapes:

It looks like I’m coveting these grapes, but really I’m just snipping them. See those red crates? We fill those with grapes and then tuck them in the row for the tractor to pick up later.

“Take a picture of me with Emma!” so Emma snuck in a big wet kiss. Michael’s face is priceless.

On the way back to the house for lunch.

Team work!

Lunchtime! Here’s everyone sitting down to some anti pasti or ‘tagliare’, which means “cutting” or “to slice”. The table was full of big hunks of cheese, salami, and thin slices of prosciutto and ham which we each sliced to nom on. Then came an egg pasta that Canale is famous for.

There were about ten bottles of wine on the table two minutes after this picture was taken.
At the end of the meal.

And here’s another picture of how I felt after harvesting all morning and having tastes of about fifteen different wines + all that cheese, meat, and pasta:

Back to the grape vines tomorrow!
Buono notte,

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