Wow.  Yesterday we worked on the doors and sanded the wood Pino had shaped for a balcony.  Today involved climbing/hiking beautiful mountains, that I thought were meant for another lifetime.  What a treat.

However, I’m SO SO SO SO tired.  We were in the car by 6:15 am this morning to head to the mountains past Torino.  But Arsenico was barking all night so I couldn’t fall asleep until around 3am.  Pair that with dehydration, and our hike at 9am this morning was a bit rough.  And I mean extremely rough.  I thought I was going to pass out and go rolling down the cliffs when we finally reached the first refugo.

So for now, just a slideshow….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Buono notte,



5 thoughts on “Alpine

  1. You’re climbing the alps. I’m going to work in 50 degree rainy weather.

    You’re eating fine Italian cuisine. I’m eating from Angelo’s II of Mount Laurel.

    You’re drinking wine from local vineyards after a hard day of picking grapes. I’m drinking Rolling Rock after watching the Yankees lose.

    PS tell Mike to put his shirt back on no one wants to see that, not even the Italians.

  2. Just blows my mind that they just live life like this….”Oh yah, there’s a gorgeous valley of vineyards to the left and if you scan to the right you’ll see the Alps…no biggy.”

  3. breath taking pictures.
    Can’t wait until your Grammy sees you standing on the edge with just your toes showing. She is stopping this afternoon to get the pictures, if you hear a scream around 2:30 our time it will most likely be her.

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