Back at Cascina Zerbetta!


I’m currently writing from Cascina Zerbetta, back in Quargnento, Italy.  After two weeks at Pino’s, I cut my stay a bit short since I had arrived early.  There was  a lot of confusion regarding this yesterday morning, but it’s all worked out.  I do miss Pino a lot since he is such a vibrant and enjoyable person to be around, but I’m also happy to be back at Paolo’s.  And Pino is under strict instructions to come visit us when he’s in the States next year.  So all is well.

I’ve booked a trip to Nice, France for several days in a week or so.  I was only going to go for the weekend, but then I figured I’m taking a five-hour train ride to get there (I think it’s five hours?) so I might as well stay awhile.  Plus, I really need to experience French food and they have some amazing hiking/running paths.  So.  It can be my vacation within a vacation.

I’m going to hit the hay, since it’s been a long two days and I think I’m still tired from the hiking (how sad!).  However, there are a few things I would like to mention about what I’ve noticed about Italians so far:

1. They each have a ceramic frying pan and use it everyday.

2. They like lazy susan’s to store all of their pots and pans, which makes total sense.

3. Ok, that’s it, but I’m sure I’ll have more to add to the list as I go along.

Also, Michael left this morning and is currently en route to San Francisco for his ‘pop punk’s not dead’ tour, so let’s all say a silent ‘thank you’ that there will be no more pictures of him shirtless in the mountains.  🙂  Haha, just kidding, safe travels darling!  To San Fran and beyond!

Buono notte,



One thought on “Back at Cascina Zerbetta!

  1. Glad to hear you’re back to where you started from…does that make sense?

    Your hiking pictures were fantastic, although seeing your feet appear sooo close to the edge of those cliffs made me a little nervous! ( I’d rather see pictures of you with gelato! ) I’m sure the altitude also had something to do with someone appearing with only half his clothes on!!! LOL What an experience- the Italian Alps!

    I promise to email you some stuff soon on Nice!

    Glad things went so well for your & Mike’s WWoofing visit,


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