You’re all invited….

….To the cascina this weekend.  Paolo and Annamaria are taking the kids to Venice and leaving me in charge.  I was supposed to head to Nice on Saturday morning, but couldn’t turn down the opportunity to babysit a vineyard.  Don’t worry, I’ll be having Arco on watch duty.  And I’ll still be heading off to Nice on Monday, and staying until Thursday, wooo!  And then I’m off to visit one Ms. Kelly Catherine in Bologna :). Life is good.

Otherwise, I’ve been too exhausted to post these last few days.  We’ve been digging a lot of holes and spreading a lot of compost.  For new hazelnut trees and in the grape vines.  I’ve got the tractor down.  Next thing:  a manual car.  I can dream.

We also tore down some vines that were ‘sick’ (which is a very un-Italian way for saying dead).  It was a lot of work because each sick vine was in between other healthy vines and you had to figure out which off-shoots to rip, and which ones to leave.  Tricky tricky.  I might have killed a couple of off-shoots, but we’ll just call that ‘pruning’.  Two can play the euphemisms game, Paolo.

This weekend I’m going to FINALLY take some quality time to get actual recipes on here.  I have some of the curry recipes from the Trini girls (YES.  SO GOOD.), Elsa’s tiramisu (sorry, A, it’s coming!!), Paolo’s gnocchi (which I might attempt this weekend), and some other odds and ends I’d like to note on here.

Tonight we had minestrone, which was very tasty, but not nearly as good as Pino’s “Everything but the kitchen….wait, what number are we at?  Ok, yea the kitchen sink can go it too, Minestrone”.  I love vegetables so much that shoving them all into one pot so that you can choose from twenty-four each and every spoonful, it just makes me want to build millions of gardens to supply my minestrone habit.  Yes, I’m tired.  No, I actually want to build millions of gardens.  That can be the movement.  “One million gardens by 2013”.  And an herb garden can count.  Herb gardens are SO SIMPLE!  I want to make a pledge list now.  You might think I’m crazy, but this is reminiscent of Bethesda.  Mer and I would sit on our floor at our coffee (dinner) table, drinking wine and determining what amazing things we should do.  Every. Single. Night.  MER!  HI MER!

Really, I must get some sleep.

Ciao ciao,



One thought on “You’re all invited….

  1. Julianne- Pop-pop needed you back when he had his 1/2 acre garden. Oh the weeding and picking of veggies your auntie and I had to do!! Beans green/wax, tomatoes-jersey and Italia-for canning,corn,cucumbers, zucchin. I know I’m forgetting a ton of other stuff too. The hot summer mornings, the heavy mud from the red clay soil clinging to our feet- not to mention u know those nasty bugs that would pest u in the pool(horse flies) Pop-pop & grammy sure could have used you…you could have wwooffed till the cows came home-oh that’s another story!!!
    Enjoy your weekend-looking forward to your recipes!!


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