I road the bike into Quargnento yesterday, to catch the bus into Alessandria where I spent the afternoon browsing shops and walking around.  I have no pictures.  My apologies, but it’s just a town like many others and I wasn’t into taking pictures of cars on the street or people walking around.  Or buildings that looks like other pictures of buildings I’ve already posted.  Anyway, I bought some chapstick (I know, SO EXCITING, but you try going two weeks without any.  Brutal), and some cappuccino and sort of just meandered down side streets.  I even stumbled upon a band in one of the piazzas singing Bruce Springsteen!  Alessandria is a lovely city and reminded me a bit of Torino.  It was a really sunny day, but it was so windy that I was quite chilled by the time I finally got indoors.  So I was craving something hearty and warm for dinner and trying to make a mental list of what there was to eat while washing my hands at the kitchen sink, and there it was, staring me in the face.  Rosemary.  And is there anything that goes better with rosemary than potatoes?  Potato and rosemary soup!!  And hearty and warm it was and so easy to make.  Yum.  I suggest you make some on a blustery fall day.  I’m going to post the recipe on the pages site I was telling you about, when it’s set up.  There are a lot of recipes for something like this on the internet, so if you can’t wait for me to post mine, just google it :).

It’s Sunday, my last day here in Quargnento, and I’m just relaxing, doing laundry, and packing for my trip to Nice.  I’m also trying to learn some last-minute key words in French.  Wow.  I’m so much better at French than Italian.  I might go for a walk later, to say goodbye to Strada Bozzola and to indulge Arco in his need to be one step ahead of me at all times.

I have to say that I’m a bit homesick.  Sure, I miss my family, friends, and Michael, and yes, okay, Waffles a bit (notice the capital ‘W’ – the cat, not the breakfast).  But none of this is why I’m homesick.  I’m homesick because it is full-blown leaves falling, colors-changing fall here in Italy and I’m desperate for something pumpkin.  DESPERATE I tell you.  It might completely end my desire to live abroad for a longer amount of time.  I’d have to have cases of Libby’s pumpkin mailed to me.  Seriously.  It is pumpkin season, and there is not one pumpkin dessert in sight here.  NOT ONE CHOCOLATE CHIP PUMPKIN COOKIE IN SIGHT, IN PUMPKIN SEASON.

And to make it worse, EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT PUMPKIN.  The facebook status updates, the twittering, the emails…COME ON PEOPLE, HAVE SOME DECENCY!  Pumpkin rolls, lattes, cookies, crumbles, and even pictures of you pumpkin picking are slowly but surely driving my pumpkin withdrawal into the severe shakes mode.  Even my Mom had something pumpkinlicious to talk about:  a pumpkin cake with mascarpone icing.  So sad.  I know there will be pumpkin around Thanksgiving, but that is just TOO FAR.  And I don’t want to be rushing through my beautiful days here because of some crazy pumpkin haze.  So I am officially on a hunt for pumpkin sweetness.  I will find it somewhere, oh yes I will.  And all of this being said, please keep-in-mind the less fortunate Americans in Italy (and other non-pumpkin-dessert eating countries) when you think about mentioning anything pumpkin related on your facebook.  I will defriend you and proceed to rub Girl Scout Cookies in your face in February.  Literally AND figuratively.

Okay, rant over :).  And with that, I bid you adieu, and hope you enjoy your Sunday,



5 thoughts on “pumpkin?

  1. Tomatos! Just made homemade tomato soup myself and making some grilled cheese stuffed with more tomatos to dip it in! lol Pumpkins…..they don’t grow pumpkins there? You should suggest to paolo to do this.

  2. And to think how many pumpkins get wasted every year just making funny faces on them. I will think of you when I have my next slice of pie. I didn’t say what kind!

  3. I completely understand the need for pumpkin goodies!! What would fall be without them…..yes, very boring, so sorry you can’t find any there! But your nuttella crepes sound wonderful…..they could almost take the place?? Pumpkin bread was Lauren’s request and it also went to JMU! Just love reading all your wonderful posts! Have fun!!

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