Cynthia has arrived in Bologna (as have I) and we have been too busy meeting up with new and old friends and eating and walking walking walking for me to update my last few days in Firenze properly.  I finally made it to Lucca on Thursday (for which you will see pictures of below) and absolutely LOVED it.  Also, I ran into Obama, which was totally unexpected, as you’ll also see in the pictures.  Anyway, Lucca is this amazing little city on the Western coast of Italy, that still has this giant wall around it.  There are several points of ingress and egress and you find little tunnels in the walls to take you up into the town proper.  I wandered for most of the afternoon and had a picnic near a park on the city walls.  There is a walking path, similar to the capital crescent trail but more open, that follows the town limits/wall.  It’s beautiful and had I stayed a night in Lucca (which I will when I come back) this would absolutely been one of my rave runs.  Maybe not in the summer though :).  Anyway here are the pictures of Lucca:

I’ll update more on Bologna when I have time tomorrow, but we’ve had two amazing evenings with friends (Kelly last night, Marie from the Black’s tonight who is so very sweet and an amazing cook!) and I’ve noticed how much better I am at understanding Italian.  Or at least listening and responding.  I try anyway.  We spent today discovering Bologna and all it has to offer, which is A LOT.

There are pictures and more stories to come, but for now, we must get to sleep!  We have an early morning train to Ravenna tomorrow and no one’s going to want to look at pictures of me being grumpy because I didn’t get enough sleep 😉




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