In Milano preparing for my trip home…

It’s been grand, Italy.  But now it’s time for me to go home, and find out what’s next.

Here are some pictures from our trip to Ravenna.  Enjoy, and I’ll put everything else up and give a better, final update when I’m back in Jersey.

Ciao ciao,



3 thoughts on “In Milano preparing for my trip home…

  1. From a spectator’s perspective, or rather that of a reader, this has been awesome. I can’t begin to imagine how it’s been for you. And I’m sure that ending it with Cynthia made it even better. While waiting for the finale, I just want to say (as I’m sure your other fans do) thank you for letting me tag along and take part in this amazing journey. It has been a great joy virtually accompanying you for the past several weeks; and also very entertaining and informative! Wishing you gals a safe trip back home.

    Big hug

  2. Argh! My pathetic internet won’t allow me to see all of your pictures. Therefore the only solution is for you to print them all out, bring them to me, and tell me your stories in person.

    I’m serious.


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