Campfire risotto & UFOs


I’m updating from my phone so apologies for the misspellings and what not. And since the iPhone qwerty isn’t suited for long-winded spiels, I present to you my last few days in Puerto Rico, list form:

1. We built a compost latrine with our English wwoofing mate, Matt, and though it is still out in the open, it is ready for what can only be described as pooping. I now have basic drilling and level skills.

2. We’ve eaten some crazy fruits/veggies in both ice cream and raw form. Guanabana, passion fruit, starfruit, sapato, yames (YA-MAYS), mameys, cooking bananas, plantains.

3. We’ve seen four massive spiders. I mean, the huge hairy kind you see in horror movies. Big sacs, furry legs, and the size of small fist. What those horror movies don’t tell you is that spiders are FRIENDLY! Even when you half bury them and sit on them (as a huge beast of a human), they simply dance on your legs to let you know they are inconvenienced. Then run into a small corner in fear. Only one of the four ended up dead and that’s only because we didn’t know he was under our pick axe. If this doesn’t cure Michael’s arachnophobia, I don’t know what will.

4. As we were headed to Toro Negro for some camping and swimming we were fortunate enough to witness the puerto ricans’ family funday Sunday. This includes everyone and their hot babes piling into quads, crotch-rockets, and urban dune buggies so that they may drive terrifying speeds on the switchback mountain roads. They gather at random watering holes after death defying drives and cheers the end or beginning of the week. This certainly creates a new view of the family Sunday drive through the country.

5. We camped at Toro Negro. Yes, we survived the drive. There was a deep crisp natural pool along the river which was perfect for a cool down. The water was so cold it practically knocked the wind out of you. That night, a small white dog with one eye, possibly a ghost-dog, protected us from evil rats as we slept. We ate a lot of junk food.

6. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is closed in PR on Monday’s. Convenient if you were riding your crotchrocket all day Sunday and need some rest but inconvenient if you planned on camping at any National Park or viewing the Camuy Caves. Bummer.

7. We’re building garden beds and essentially terracing a hillside in what our caretaker Angelo considers traditional Taino Indian technique.

8. Michael has had ample opportunity to hone his debating abilities. Although said opportunities have worn me out just by listening. I wish Michael and Matt would have begun debating earlier then what is clearly ‘Julianne is sleepy’ time. This generally falls between 3pm and appropriate bedtime. But oh well!

9. Tonight I made campfire risotto. Michael and I are incredibly impressed with my attempt. It involved brown rice, questionable pepper jack, red cabbage, garlic, Busch lite (I know, cringe!), broccoli, onion, and carrots. Pino would freak at my non traditional play on his squash blossom risotto not to mention that I left WHOLE garlic cloves in it (GASP!!), but he’s not here, is he? My only regret is that Matt is not here to eat some, but alas, he’s probably battling exhaustion in Port au prince.

10. I think I saw a UFO last night, confirmed by local reports. It was a flash of light by this amazing mangrove pool area. I assumed I had just seen a falling star until Angelo mentioned the reports two hours ago. Weird. Either way, I hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful full moon tonight. I know I am.

Well that’s as much patience as I have for my iPhone keyboard. I hope to update more soon. Until then I’ll be busy being dirty and eating fresh oranges and mangoes like a fiend.

Hasta Luego!



2 thoughts on “Campfire risotto & UFOs

  1. Sounds like you have been busy. Marilyn said you’d be coming home soon.
    Where to next? I don’t believe you re going to stay in NJ. Have fun on the rest of your trip.

  2. Now I understand why my Puerto Rican friend at the embassy in Riyadh was so passionate about dune-bugging in the desert. Anyway, how long shall we wait after you stop blogging before we report to the local authorities that you’ve been abducted by Puerto Rican aliens?

    Hint: you absolutely are not allowed and cannot talk about “hot babes” and not include at least a half-dozen photos to substantiate your claim!

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