Fes, so far

Exhausting. And full of Moroccans that speak English which you think would be great but trust me when I say it’s not. Anyway, we just had some awesome food: crepes and fruit juice. We might try to find the old palace, we might not. It all depends on our energy :). Here’s us at a bab or door/gate to the city:





4 thoughts on “Fes, so far

  1. Fes up…what kind of crepes? I’m thinking fruit if you’re having fruit juice with them, and what type of fruit juice? xox

    • The fruit juice is like, a smoothie basically. Tons of fruit blended up into a frothy fruity concoction. The crepes are savory – mushrooms with cheese and cream. Michael had shrimp with cheese. And Mer had….I think it was chicken with cheese. All delicious 🙂

  2. Really nice pics. Too bad there’s trash around. Aren’t you guys a bit overdressed or is it cold in there? An what’s that green plant in Michael’s hand? Does it have any certain “medicinal” qualities? 😉 The crepes sound yummy. I was pleasantly surprised yesterday at the Potomac Mills when I found that a new crepe place had opened. For me, about 12 years ago crepes became associated with a certain event that made me discover just how stupid human beings can be. I was at a restaurant with my friend Vanessa and 2 of her girl friends who were visiting (all French, so one would give them that they’re crepe savvy or at least crepe familiar). We had decided that we were having crepes. The waiter came we placed our order, all but one. Sandrine, one of Vanessa’s friends wanted to have a plain crepe and half a lemon. A very simple request one would think. Well, it wasn’t. The waiter kept arguing with Sandrine how impossible this was. I let the argument go on for a moment just to see how dumb and stubborn that waiter could get and then I decided to intervene because it was becoming too embarrassing to watch. So I asked the waiter “the crepes that you’re going to serve the rest of us are going to be made from scratch right? I mean you don’t have ready made chocolate crepe, and ready made chicken mushroom crepe, right?”, to which he confirmed that they were not ready made and prepared fresh. So I asked him again “do you have lemons, you know like the ones you use for salad?”, and his answer was yes. So I explained to him that we wanted one chocolate crepe to be put on a plate before the chocolate is added and for a lemon to be cut in half and for one of the halves to be placed beside the chocolateless chocolate crepe and then brought to the table. This seemed to do the trick because the argument stopped and the impossible order eventually made it to our table with the “normal” crepes that the rest of us ordered from the restaurant menu. I never get tired of telling this story.

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