Rabat -> Fes

Rabat has been excellent. Yesterday we wandered up the shoreline which is mostly cliffs and craggly rock fields. Basically just beautiful. Minus all of the trash. Meredith left us a note when she went off to class for the day, and we followed it like a treasure map. It led us to an old cemetery with some really amazing graves. The tops of most are actually just a flower bed within the colorful tiles.

Our next ‘x’ marks the spot was to exit the cemetery and walk right into the souk, which is the outdoor market. Some areas were definitely catered to tourists and others were just for the locals. Strange smells wafted through the air and suddenly you’d find giant animals legs sticking off a counter and a spit with strange looking meats roasting. Needless to say I didn’t eat any of it. My favorite, of course, were the kiosks with big burlap bags of spices and dried legumes. And the towels laid out on the ground where fresh herbs were being bunched or ground up into pastes.

We didn’t buy anything because we’ll have to carry it and we hear there are much better souks in the other places we are visiting.

Then we met up with Meredith at the Peace corps office (lovely) and headed to the Amideast Rabat office to say hello. That was a great experience – I was really impressed with the office and staff we met. Thanks Doha!

Our night consisted of celebrating Cinco de Mayo at the American club which is just what it sounds like.

After a good nights rest we are off to Fes for a night, sans Meredith. We will meet back here tomorrow for more adventures.

Until then, we have a train to catch.




One thought on “Rabat -> Fes

  1. Love the ocean/rocks photo. So are you doing all four of the so-called “imperial cities” on this trip? They all are rich in history but I find that of Fes to be particularly interesting at least politically and ethnically. And if Marrakech souks are half as magical as how Loreena McKennitt portrays them in her “Marrakesh Night Market” then you’re in for a treat.

    Enjoy and keep those stories coming.

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