We be jammin’!


It’s been a minute.  Our trip to Morocco simply FLEW BY and I had a post all set up to discuss our time there, but now, two weeks later, it seems irrelevant.  It’s anything but irrelevant as I finally had the chance to make sure Morocco was treating my number one right, and I can report, she’s doing great.  A little bit tanner than when I last saw her, but hey, she lives in the desert!

I will post about Morocco.  I promise.  It’s coming shortly.  Also, I have so many pictures, that if you want to see them all you’ll have to email me for the link to our picasa page (jtoot09@gmail.com).  I tried to email as many of you as I could, but for many I just don’t have the address.  So either email me or send a comment with your email address.

But for now, I wanted to check-in and give a shout out to Jammin’ Crepes my new place of employment two days a week.  At the moment, we are a stand/tent/fort that offers sweet and savory crepes featuring local fresh ingredients.    Come check us out, we are the most delicious and unique crepes I’ve ever had, and I’m not saying that because I get paid to.  I also once worked at a chain restaurant and I never recommended people go there.  Anyway, the point is, these are worth the trip & the line.


Hope everyone out there enjoyed what a beautiful day it was today!

Ciao ciao,



One thought on “We be jammin’!

  1. Oh man! If I had known you had my dessert covered, I would’ve passed by. After all, going to Philly this Memorial Day weekend was 25% to eat Cheesesteak at Geno’s 🙂 I wanted to make it a quick one in Philly and continue to NJ and NY before heading back to VA, but I didn’t want to spend too much time just driving on interstates and highways.

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