To the AT trail & beyond!

I know, it’s terrible, I’ve been gone for far too long!  I feel like posting here will just be a sham of my former self, but life is constantly changing and I have too much to do because of it!  I won’t make excuses, I’ll just let you know that instead of emailing friends that I HAVE TO EMAIL, I am providing an update post!  

I have had quite the summer – working, crepe-ing, cooking, running, traveling.  Do I wish I had done more?  Yes.  Do I think I could have with my schedule as is?  No.  You make time for what you can.  This is why, this weekend, which happens to be my last weekend off from crepe-ing for the next month or so, Michael and I are heading off for our first experience with The Appalachian Trail.

For years we’ve discussed it.  It’s been announced in passing conversations.  I have heard many others repeat the phrase:  “I would love to do The Appalachian Trail.”  The Appalachian Trail.  Capitalized and bold.  That’s the way it comes off of others’ lips.  And have you noticed, it is always “do” and not “hike”.  We’re going to DO The Appalachian Trail.  Well we are.

At least a small portion, anyway.  When Michael purchased his serious backpack during our last minute stopover in London in May, his one request was that we do part of the AT this summer, like we had been promising.  I said, “Of course, we’ll definitely do that!”  Little did we know, our weekends were already booked up through September.

This weekend I had plans to do many other things.  A pig roast.  A quick visit to Michigan to see my dearest Nadia who is off to Morocco (what is with that country and it stealing of all of my favorites, anyway?) in September.  A visit to DC.

Well, none of that is happening now.  Now we will DO the AT.  Plus, it’s probably easier for me to see Nadia in Morocco anyway.

Today I am packing all of my stuff.  I say ‘all’ like it’s a lot of things, but really, I’m taking practically nothing.  And still I think others’ will have packed lighter.  I’ve done a bit of reading and some organizing and I think the hardest part of this entire weekend, will be my inability to eat simple yet gourmet type food.  I’m a foodie, it is kind of what I live for.

I know it sounds crazy, but even when Michael and I spent a few days camping in the Adirondack mountains, we cooked gourmet over our fire.  Fresh local veggies served over cottage potatoes with Blueberry Saranac beers.

Obviously we won’t have beers, but I at least thought I should bring some veggies for our first day, if not the whole trip.  Nay.  All of the food lists I’ve read for this trip say to pack highly nutritious food with a large amount of calories per ounce.  Essentially, 125-150 calories per ounce.  So all vegetables are pretty much out of the picture.  They are extra weight and will not meet our caloric needs.

I finally realized that my dreams of a repeat of the campfire risotto in PR in February were looking pretty slim. There won’t be any Medallas, or cheese, or 5 bean stew.  It’s going to be oats for breakfast; tuna and crackers for lunch; pasta for dinner.  Clif bars for snacks.  Looking at my list made me a bit sad, and in a moment of rebellion, I texted Cynthia to pick me up some pesto in a jar.  Does said jar of pesto weigh half a pound and is that half a pound we’ll have to carry?  Yes.  But will half of that jar be empty after one evening’s meal?  Yes.  Sometimes you just have to look at the glass and appreciate that it’s half-empty.

In addition, I chopped up a bunch of dried apricots and made us a little dried fruit/nut medley to go into the oats.  TAKE THAT THRU HIKERS!  They may be professional backpackers, but I am a professional eater, and at the end of the day, I’m OK with that distinction.

So wish us luck, I’ll post some pictures of the trip and the noms when we get back!

Ciao ciao,



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