The Pacific Northwest – Seattle

Seattle, Washington

We arrived, by bus, in Seattle around noon.  Unable to check into our hotel, we hit up Top Pot donuts, as recommended by my brother, Matt, who also happened to be in Seattle.  This is where the donut binge begins.  I just noticed begin and binge have the same exact letters.  Coincidence?  I think not.  We enjoyed a Maple Bar and two lattes with rice milk.  Yum.  The coffee and donuts were fresh and so so so good after getting off that bus.  You can stand in the back of Top Pot and watch them knead the dough.  Awesome.  Any time I go to a place like this I’m like, “I want to work here!  I want to learn to make delicious yeast risen blob donuts yum!”  Because I have a problem and that is being obsessed with food.

Michael has been to Seattle probably like ten times via the job so he took me on a tour of all the things he wanted me to see.  The Pike Place market, the OG Starbucks, the gum wall, etc.



We met up with Matt and Sabrina for dinner at this amazing Italian place Sabrina picked out called the Pink Door.  Yes, it’s door is actually pink – it’s only indicator of the restaurant as there is no signage.  Whew!  What an amazing dinner we had with some of my favorite company :).  After dinner we wandered the city a bit, popping in and out of different bars for drinks, and ended our night at the Five Point Cafe for a little diner food.  Yum, this place is great!  And we got an awesome night view of the Needle!


Thursday we slept late.  Like, later than I would ever sleep on an exploring vacation.  Woops.  No problem, we headed off to the EMP Museum to check out their new Nirvana exhibit.  If you love music like we love music, you have got to go to this museum.  Their exhibits are really cool, and there is an entire room where you can interact with different instruments.  You can learn to play them, or go into a recording room and record a song.  It’s AWESOME.  And the Nirvana exhibit was pretty amazing.


We walked to the Space Needle, which is like right next to the museum, and debated paying good dollars to go up in it and decided against it.  Thought about going to see the Chihuly exhibit but decided against that as well.  We followed Matt’s recommendations and headed down to the pier to walk around and ride the giant ferris wheel instead.  WORTH IT.





Michael then took me to get his favorites snacks in the city.  This included: a vegetable piroshky from Piroshky Piroshky in Pike Place (really delicious fillings folded and baked inside a buttery-fluffy roll); a SALTED CARAMEL and coffee ice cream cone at Cupcake Royale; and macarons, which aren’t really his favorite but I found them and you all KNOW how I feel about macarons.



We met up with Sabrina for sushi at Umi Sake House.  Can I just say, that this place has the best sushi I HAVE EVER EATEN.  We ate at Morimoto in Philly recently, and while their sushi/sashimi was a force to be reckoned with, Umi’s rolls are just creative.  Spicy and sweet with amazing flavors INCLUDING blood orange and cilantro.  So so so good, and thank you Kelly for the recommendation.  The Moonraker roll was phenomenal.  Ok.  Rave over.

Friday morning we ate breakfast at Serious Biscuit which serves, you guessed it, biscuit involved items.  Frittata, fried chicken, fried catfish, PB and banana, egg and cheese.  Again, amazing food.  Another place I was like “Think of all the biscuitty goodness and crazy arugula combinations I could make working here!!”.  Then we spent some time in Green Lake – a neighborhood MDK frequently stays in while in Seattle.  It’s a cute area, filled with a lot of college kids from the U of W.  There’s a lake with a nice path around it, so we walked off our breakfast, or at least tried.  Then, because we are gluttons, we ate at Mighty-O donuts.  Yes.  More donuts.  Mighty-O happens to make cake donuts, which, let’s face it, I totally love.  I had the Raspberry Riot and MDK got the French Toast, and then we were given a free mini Coco loco donut.  Really.  As if we hadn’t consumed enough donutty goodness.  Good thing we were about to get in the car to sit for five hours for the drive to Portland!


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