The Road to Corcovado

Well we made it on our 9 hour 300km trek to Puerto Jimenez, without driving off a cliff or crashing into anything. I awoke to Michael panic checking his alarm and realized that we overslept by an hour. My dreams of a morning wake up shower were shattered as we smashed things in our bags and threw em in our car.

We navigated our way South via back mountain roads, and thankfully avoided morning traffic. Though we did end up on one WILD down mountain pot holed dirt and boulder road, and hopefully I can post the short video I took of the ride.

Finally hitting some paved and level roads, we stopped for brekki at a soda, which is what they call all the little cafe and highway stops. Eggs, beans, and rice for like $3!

Basically it was a long, hot day full of driving. We got to Puerto Jimenez around 4pm. Michael met up with William, our guide for the Corcovado hike, to go over the basics and make sure we had the right supplies.

After some ceviche and Imperial beers, we tested our awesome white box stove (thanks Cynthia!) to make sure it was able to feed us! Pictures to follow.

Anyway, I anticipate being without wifi for the next few days, so no posts about Corcovado until Sunday!!

Ciao ciao, JT






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