Do the Can Can

I’ve been a bit of a failure at updating ALREADY.  I’m sorry.  My new job has taken over (not really) and exhausted me beyond belief (actually true).  So here are some quick tidbits about my life now.

I have to climb out of a hole to get anywhere.  Truly, our home is at the bottom of four different GIANT hills and I am constantly out-of-breath going anywhere:  the bus stop, the gas station, the local bar, etc!  When I get to the top, though, I can see far out to the Cascade mountains and it really just takes what little breath I have left away. Pictures can never capture it so I’m sorry you’ll just have to visit to see!

I have forgotten how to drink water.  I have no desire to drink any water whatsover which is the WEIRDEST thing, as I could finish about three 32 oz bobbles a day back in Jersey.

I have gone on a run once and it was 1.5 miles downhill and then 1.6 miles back uphill.  I actually gained 200 ft in elevation in less than a mile.  Phew.  I now feel like training for a marathon is possible.  A really, really flat marathon.

I experienced my first Seattle rain, while waiting for the bus with close to fifty pounds of groceries hanging out on my shoulders.

I have supervised and assisted in the making of 1,000 organic local canned goods.  Yes!


EVERY SINGLE BUS DRIVER HAS TOLD ME TO HAVE A REALLY NICE DAY.  People, you are so friendly, it confuses me.  Keep it up.

I have been to Pike’s place twice.

I have made three friends.

And now I must sleep.  I leave for work extra early…6am!


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