For those looking for stories of adventure…

Hi World.  I’ve been a bit lacking on the adventurous side of my blog.  For that I’m sorry.  Give me dollars to go places and I will wow you on here with stories of them ;).  But in the meantime, while you’re writing that check, check out Fran’s blog.  Fran and I WWOOFed together in Italy, and she is one of my favorite people who just happens to be doing awesome adventurous things and eating lots of good food while doing them.


Fran & Chelle, Italy 2011

Like cycling from the UK to Romania following the Danube, and perhaps onwards.  Follow her blog for tidbits from her travels, pictures of the great food she eats, and general awe of a young woman cycling solo 3000 km.  Maybe a little bike ride commuting to work now and again won’t seem so hard, eh?

Ciao ciao,